About Us

Weboona is a flexible, and cost-effective website builder and
hosting solutions provider for your personal, business or e-commerce website.

What's Our Story?

TechNation is an Afghanistan-based technology, entrepreneurship, and management consulting company that leverages technology for business, education, and society. Incorporated in 2010 in Afghanistan for envisions of transforming Afghanistan into a technology-first nation. We served over 29 clients in 7 countries. We built 15 apps, mobile and web, and trained about over 750 individuals through our training programs. TechNation engaged over 3,000 in our mentorship workshops and events by utilizing over 70 trainers and mentors. In addition, we have access to a pool of over 150 trainers and mentors across the country and abroad.
In 2019 TechNation's previous president Mr. Omar Mansoor Ansari decided to develop a website builder for fast websites design and lunching, so he name this product with Weboona.

Who We Are

We are the web solutions provider, offer website building, domain registration, hosting and applications development. We have highly experienced team who understand client and provide very latest web layout and latest design to provide maximum satisfaction to our client.
Why work with us

Our company provides website building, domain registration, and domain hosting for people who want to increase his marketting value.

Our methodology

Through our experience and the completion of successful projects, the success of a project is the result of a good project team and adherence to a proven methodology.

About Weboona

Weboona, TechNation’s web solutions provider, isare the most reliable and affordable services and solutions for web. We provide elegant website design and development services, and shared and VPS hosting solutions. Our clients are at the core of our business strategy, and we do much more than publishing your website online. Weboona gives you features and tools like a site builder; secure shell (SSH) access and a 24/7 comprehensive support.

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What we offer?

We provide hosting solutions for websites, domain names, and eCommerce. Whether you have a basic website or have a website connected to large databases, using complex scripts, we take care of it.

Build a Website

We can create elegantly simplistic but sophisticated designs, our coded sites will delight your business customers and audience.

Get a Domain

Register a domain name of your choice with Weboona. We also offer domain renewal, transfer, bulk registration, and redirection.

Host a Website

Weboona is a flexible, and cost-effective hosting solutions provider for your personal, business or e-commerce website.

Build an App

Weboona is the best platform for a cost-effective applications development based on your own busniess requirements.

Get Your Business Email

Once you have your own website domain, boost your professional credibility with a custom email address using your domain name.

Get Found on Google

When it comes to search engine optimization, Weboona has you covered. Follow your own SEO plan to help your site rank higher on search engines.

Meet Our Team

We have created many products that range from full scale web apps to simple websites. Check out all of our previous work to get an idea of what we can do. We are a group of passionate desingers and developers who love to create awesome websites and apps.
Naqib Hakimi


Naqib Hakimi is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at TechNation. Mr. Hakimi joined the company in Octobar 2019 and at the helm of TechNation's technology journey – assuming responsibility over the development and scaling TechNation's Weboona platform.

Rizwanullah Rizwan

Web Developer

Rizwanullah Rizwan is the Web Developer at TechNaiton. Mr. Rizwan joined the company in December 2019 and working for TechNation at web designing, website and web applications development. At Weboona platform, he is the responsible for designing of website templates.

Khayal Pacha

JavaScript Developer

Khayal Pacha is the JavaScript Developer at TechNation's Weboona Platform. Pacha joined the company in December 2019 and working for the company at prototyping, designing, and developement. He also perform customer services at Weboona platform.

Our Work

Weboona provides designs based on your own requirements. Our team has artistic hands to create elegantly simplistic but sophisticated designs. We create codes resulting in sites that will delight your audiences and customers.